June 15th, 2022
 Ariana Grande Buys Cameron Diaz’s Spare House In The Hills

For a myriad of reasons, celebrities really like buying homes owned by other celebrities. The latest star to hop on that bandwagon is Ariana Grande, who records reveal has just paid Cameron Diaz nearly $5 million for one of the retired actress’s many properties.

This particular house lies in the Hollywood Hills, directly overlooking the eastern end of L.A.’s Sunset Strip. It also sits immediately next door to a house that Diaz has owned since 2001, and continues to own, though she hasn’t occupied the premises in well over a decade.

Located at the very end of a tiny and little-known cul-de-sac, the hilltop property is guarded by a big black gate. Trees and towering hedges prevent any part of the house itself being visible from the road, assuring celebrity-style privacy.

And since the house was never on the market, you’ll have to use your imagination to picture the interiors and landscaping. But tax records say the structure itself is a single-story midcentury, originally built in 1950, and has about 1,800 square feet of living space. Much of the property’s value is in the lot, which spans a full half-acre — though a significant chunk of that is steep, unusable hillside — and boasts panoramic views of city lights.

Diaz acquired the house back in 2004, paying $1.8 million. Though she owned the place for nearly 20 years, it seems she never actually lived in this house — instead, it was used as a “buffer” property for her main place next door. In 2009, archived city documents show plans were submitted to demolish the existing home and replace it with a significantly larger residence.

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