December 9th, 2021
 Ariana Grande Fans Defend Star As She’s Accused Of Asian-Fishing In Preppy Photoshoot

Ariana Grande fans have jumped to her defence after she was accused of Asian-fishing in a recent photoshoot. 

The Positions singer is reported to have posted a set of images taken by LA-based photographer Katia Temkin, in which she’s seen wearing an oversized blazer and chunky platform heels with white bows in her hair.

However, the post was allegedly removed from Ariana’s page as some accused her of Asian-fishing.

The term is similar to Blackfishing, where one changes their appearance to look racially ambiguous or to appropriate another race.

In regards to Ariana’s photos, some suggested the singer’s eye shape had changed to ‘look more Asian’.

TikToker Victoria Alexander went viral after sharing a video about the photoshoot, in which she said: ‘I’m not saying that Ariana Grande has moved on from Blackfishing to Asianfishing but I am saying it took me longer than expected to realise that this is her.’

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