October 25th, 2021
 Ariana Grande Says She’s ‘Working With An Acting Coach’ And ‘Taking A Break From Recording’

Ariana Grande conquers whatever she sets out to do. Her fans may be a bit disappointed to learn that she said she’s taking a break from recording right now, so we can’t expect a new album anytime soon. But she has lots of other exciting projects going on.

The 28-year-old Grammy-winning pop star, who also happens to have a successful fragrance empire, is nailing her current gig as a coach on NBC’s The Voice. Grande stars on the television series, just as her new company, R.E.M. Beauty is about to launch. She’s also reportedly working with an acting coach.

Grande is working with an acting coach

Now, Grande has said she intends to return to acting. She told Allure that she is taking a break from recording to explore “new versions of storytelling.” Grande’s comments refer to acting—as well as her new makeup brand. She described a person’s eyes as “storytellers” to Allure, so R.E.M. Beauty is launching eye makeup first.

Actors also tell a story through the characters they play. Grande told the magazine that she’s working with an acting coach. Without naming the coach, Allure describes Grande’s coach as someone who “trains leading ladies.”

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